A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

NILS WARSHappy ever after…


It is a period of birthdaytimes.

Nils had a hard struggle with zombies in minecraft, but after a giant dynamite block has exploded most zombies and creepers are gone.

The Empire had summoned Nils on his premises to have a firm chat about what happend during that last fight in Minecraft dungeons.

After the firm discussions Nils stated it was a really special day for him. The Empire was not aware of this. The Empire requested all his troops for this special moment.

Together with the troops and the Empire Nils will celebrate his 11th birthday.

Nils is keen to know if you want to join in this celebration?

The party starts on the Donderdag 11th of Februari @15:15 hour and will continue till 18:30, we will bring you home!

Please let us know if you can join?

Do you feel the source, Luke?